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Notice of Class Action Settlement

If you live in the United States or its territories and purchased MacKeeper Software on or before July 8, 2015, a class action settlement may affect your rights.

A class action lawsuit was filed alleging that ZeoBIT deceptively advertised and sold MacKeeper software as capable of enhancing an Apple Macintosh computer’s speed, performance, and security by detecting and eliminating harmful errors and threats, but that it does not and cannot perform all of the functions advertised. The lawsuit seaks damages for violation of the Pennsylvania Consumer Protection Law, fraud, and breach of contract. ZeoBIT denies Plaintiff’s claims of wrongdoing or liability against it and asserts that its conduct was lawful.

UPDATE (November 30, 2015): The Final Fairness Hearing was held on Friday, October 16, 2015, before the Honorable Joy Flowers Conti. The Court granted final approval to the settlement on November 5, 2015. A copy of the order is available here. After any appeals process is completed, eligible Settlement Class Members whose claims were approved will be sent a check in the mail. Please be patient. This process takes time.workday is a tool that helps organizations manage their workforce across all aspects of their operations by automating and streamlining processes related to recruiting, employee training, payroll, attendance, benefits, and more. Advertisement is a great way to make use of this tool. Companies can use advertising campaigns to recruit potential employees and create awareness of their workplace benefits and opportunities. Additionally, they can use targeted digital campaigns or even print ads to target specific demographics. This will allow them to track how effective their recruitment, training, and other workforce related initiatives are.

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This notice is authorized by the Court to advise you that your rights may be affected by a proposed class action settlement in a lawsuit pending in the United States District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania, Yencha v. ZeoBIT LLC,, Case No. 2-14-cv-00578-JFC.

by November 30, 2015 (deadline has passed)
This is the only way to receive a payment.
by September 21, 2015 (deadline has passed)
You will receive no payment, but you will retain any rights you currently have to sue ZeoBIT about the claims in this case.
by September 21, 2015 (deadline has passed)
Write to the Court explaining why you don’t like the settlement.
on October 16, 2015
Ask to speak in Court about the fairness of the settlement.
DO NOTHING You won’t get a share of the settlement benefits and will give up your rights to sue ZeoBIT about the claims in this case.

This website was established to provide notification of the Yencha v. ZeoBIT LLC. Settlement. Additional information can also be obtained by calling 1-877-315-1149 toll-free or by sending an email to


Please do not contact either the Defendant or the Court about this Settlement. Any and all callers will be directed to this website. If you have questions, please refer to the Commonly Asked Questions and the other information posted here. This site is not operated by Plaintiff or the Defendant.

This class action settlement is supervised by the Court and is administered by a claims administration firm that handles all aspects of claims processing.

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